There’s something special about shooting in the streets. Somewhere between the broken beer bottles and half-smoked cigarettes, there’s a sense of pride. Beneath the reports of theft and murder on the daily breaking bad news, there’s the joy of watching kids chase an ice cream truck on a summer day. My photography captures the grit and beauty of these neighborhoods. With each photo, I find truth and happiness within the vibrant colors, in places that are often overlooked. Man, listen…there’s a certain power in photography that some take for granted…but I never will. I love every moment. My work isn’t designed to capture memories. Instead, I create moments that make humans feel free, from the system of oppression we have been born into.  One truthful picture and meaningful conversation at a time.

¡Bienvenido a Miami! Fast cars, frozen cocktails, and manufactured bodies at the beach form a facade of happiness. Sure the beach and models are nice to look at, but that doesn’t stay with you. Like the blood that flows through your veins, My work is created to make you feel something. No matter where you’re from, I can show you the real heartbeat of the city.

Are you ready to feel something real? Welcome to my Street Cinema.